Ad de Jongh

Suzy Matthijssen

In this webinar Ad de Jongh and Suzy Matthijssen explain how one can use special EMDR 2.0 techniques which are currently being used in their intensive treatment programmes to treat patients with severe, “complex” PTSD. They will show how to deal with the ingrained avoidance patterns of patients who are too afraid and avoidant to get started with trauma-focused therapy. For this they use a wide variety of memory-taxing tasks (e.g. fast eye movements and spelling tasks; see webinar “Online EMDR 2.0”), and a number of powerful techniques such as the “EMD Bomb” and Phil Manfield’s “Flash” (version 1.0). By means of extensive – and step-by-step – demonstrations they will illustrate the application of these EMDR 2.0 techniques – as well as various titration techniques to help patients to continue processing – both for its use in face-to-face therapy, and online EMDR therapy.  The webinar is suited for EMDR therapists and is intended for those who wish to expand their skills to pursue more effective EMDR-treatments.

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